About Pure Water Brands

pure water logoPure Water is the industry leader in water distillation.  We have nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality distillation machines right here in the United States.  Our brands are trusted far and wide and can be found in universities, hospitals, U.S. embassies and people’s homes worldwide.


We offer distributorships to those with established businesses who wish to have strong growth relationship with Pure Water.  There is a minimum yearly commitment required.  In return, we provide marketing materials, a high level of support and the generous product discounts.  For exclusive distributors, we offer territory rights.  Additionally, you will receive a user id and login to this website so that you can purchase stock online and gain access to distributor only materials.


Dealerships are for those who own a business and is ready to commit to growth with Pure Water brands, but at a slightly lower investment that a distributor.  Dealers also enjoy a great wholesale rate.  This program is a great match for small businesses such as plumbers, home health stores, builders and others who do not want to carry a lot of stock at a given time.  Additionally, you will receive a user id and login to this website so that you can purchase stock online and gain access to dealer only materials.

AquaNui Affiliate Program

aquanui brand water distillersOur affiliate program does not require an initial investment or yearly minimums.  This program is perfect for those with a website who do not want to carry stock.  You receive 20% per sale on our AquaNui brand products by putting links and banner ads on your website.  You receive expert help from our in house Affiliate Manager to get started.  Our affiliate program is a natural fit for health and wellness sites, water related websites, and even baby websites.  For more information or ideas please call or email us today.

Referral Rewards Program

Our referral program is a great part time opportunity for someone who believes in the power of drinking pure distilled water and who wants to spread the word through educating their friends and family.  This is a great program for people who already own distillers and can explain what the product does first hand.  We provide you with a coupon code that you can hand out with our brochures.  If a sale is made on our site using your coupon code, we send you a check.  It’s that easy!