Own a Water Business
We offer distributorships to those with established businesses who wish to have a strong growth relationship with Pure & Secure, LLC.

  • Perfect for larger well established businesses with higher sales volumes.
  • Initial purchase and yearly minimums required.
  • Marketing materials available.
  • We provide sales & technical support.
  • Generous product discounts.
  • Eligible for territory rights.
  • Resell via Internet and/or physical store.
  • Generous profit margins.
  • Rental units can provide residual income.
  • Purchase stock online with unique user id & password.
Dealerships are for those who own a business and are ready to commit to growth with Pure Water brands at a slightly lower investment that a distributor.

  • Minimal initial investment & mimimal yearly minimums.
  • Ability to upgrade to distributor status for additional savings
  • We provide small business support.
  • Perfect for small to medium sized businesses who do not carry large amounts of stock.
  • Resell via Internet and/or physical store.
  • Rental units for residual income.
  • Generous profit margins.
  • Purchase stock online with unique user id & password.
Internet Resellers
Internet resellers have found great success with our water distillers!

  • Minimum initial purchase. Minimal yearly commitment.
  • Perfect for those with existing websites.
  • Drop shipping available at no additional charge.
  • Examples of synergistic websites include: health, kitchen products, or water related products.
  • We provide product images and copy for each product.
  • MAP policy protects internet resellers.
  • List on Amazon, Ebay and other similar sites.
  • Mini Classic and SteamPure are both available for Internet Resellers.

Affiliate Program
The AquaNui Affiliate Program is the perfect way to make extra money without carrying stock.

  • No initial investment or yearly minimums.
  • Receive 20% per sale on our AquaNui brand products via links and banner ads on your website.
  • Get started quickly with help from our Affiliate Manager.
  • Natural fit for health and wellness, water related, and even baby websites.  For more information or ideas please call or email us today.
Refer a Friend
Our Refer a Friend Program is a great way to make extra cash. To be successful, you should:

  • Believe in the power of drinking pure distilled water.
  • Spread the word through educating friends and family.
  • Explain what the product does first hand.
  • We’ll provide you with a coupon code that you can hand out with our brochures.
  • If a sale is made on our site using your coupon code, we’ll send you a check.  It’s that easy!
We have a variety of programs for those outside of the United States. We are particularly interested in partnering with those in South America, Mexico, the UK, Australia, Ireland, France and the Middle East.

  • Initial investment required.  Yearly minimums.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • We provide rental & sales advice.
  • Private label for large distributors.
  • Made in the U.S.A. products are very popular.

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Pure and Secure,LLC is the industry leader in water distillation with nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing high quality, made-in-the-U.S.A. distillation machines. Our brands are trusted far and wide and can be found in universities, hospitals, laboratories, U.S. embassies, military installations, and of course, in people’s homes throughout the world!

Some of Our Happy Customers


What are Home Water Distillers Used for?

Our home water distillers can be used in a number of ways. We highly recommend distilled water for drinking water, ice, coffee and tea, cooking, baby formula, pets, irons, cleaning, watering plants, and more. Distilled water is also important for use in CPAP machines, home dialysis, wound cleansing, and humidifiers.

Water Distillers vs. Pitcher Filters vs. Reverse Osmosis

It is important to educate the consumer about the need for a water distiller. Pure Water distillers are superior to filters and reverse osmosis for a number of reasons. The first reason is that distillation is a natural process that is tried and true for removing known and unknown contaminants from water. In fact, it is so effective that it can remove uranium!

For areas with questionable water, or for those who have recently experienced problems such as lead contamination, water distillers are the only way to be certain that the water is safe to drink. Pitcher filters lose effectiveness over time and fail to remove all contaminants.

Reverse osmosis also loses effectiveness over time and cannot remove all contaminants. As to cost effectiveness, Pure Water distillers do not produce gallons of wasted water like RO systems, and our end point filters for VOC’s are considerably less expensive than RO filters.

Why Pure Water Brands?

Made from high quality stainless steel in Lincoln Nebraska, the Pure Water and AquaNui brands stand the test of time and feature the best warranties available. However, should the need arise, our distillers are easy to repair and parts are readily available on our website.

The quality of water produced by distillation is consistently the best available (99.9% contaminant free). So make a difference in your community by becoming an authorized dealer, distributor, or affiliate.