About Pure & Secure, LLC

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Pure & Secure, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of premium water distillers for families and businesses worldwide. Since 1968 our Pure Water brand has led the way in water purification.  In fact, third-party lab evaluations of our distillers show the highest level of water purification available against the full spectrum of water contaminants.

As a family-owned American business, we are proud to manufacture our distillers here in the Heartland of the U.S.A. Our exacting standards ensure superior quality, yet we concern ourselves with much more than our product line.  We strive daily to educate people about the vital importance of protecting our water resources and consuming only the freshest, purest water available – vapor-distilled water.

Our Mission

“Improving the Quality of Life by Improving the Quality of Water.” 

Here at Pure and Secure, everyone from management to the factory floor works together to provide YOU and all of our customers with the purest water possible, made conveniently in your home or office by our premium Pure Water Distillers.

Our Customers

Our Customers include families, athletes, cancer and kidney patients, diabetics, doctors, dentists, schools, scientists, government agencies, and multinational corporations and organizations. Over 100 US Embassies use our water distillers to produce fresh distilled water as protection for their staff against harsh water conditions and potential terror threats to their water supplies.

Our People

It is important to us to staff our company with like-minded professional team members.  Our people go the extra mile to assist our customers and dealers.

Our Manufacturing – Made in the USA

Pure and Secure LLC is based in Lincoln, Nebraska.  As a manufacturer in the Heartland of the United States, we have easy access to American-made products and the American workforce – the best in the world!

Our Quality Assurance

All of our distillers and distillation systems undergo multiple quality checks during manufacturing and assembly. Once assembled, each unit is tested to ensure that it meets all specifications and performance measures. An independent outside inspector then conducts a final assessment to verify 100% compliance to our high-quality standards. Once verified, the unit is ready to be shipped to the customer fully operational.

Our Research and Development

As the design and performance leaders in the distiller industry for 50 years, we hold many patents and continually unveil more advancements.

Our Service

We proudly provide service to users worldwide. Many of our early models are still in daily use with service parts available for most.

Our Global Reach

We’re grateful for any opportunity to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world by improving the quality of water they drink.  To that end we have sold distillers to people and businesses in over 120 countries. Today our global reach and reputation continues to grow.

Our View on Water Purity

There are over 85,000 chemicals in use and integrated throughout our water supplies.  Of these thousands of contaminants, U.S. water systems only need to test for roughly 120. From that limited testing, some levels of toxins are deemed as “not harmful”.  At Pure and Secure we believe in a zero-toxin level for drinking water – and through distillation, the gold-standard of purification, our Pure Water distillers produce water that is 99.9% contaminant free!