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Kick Off to Summer Sale!

From now until the end of June, Pure Water dealers and distributors have the chance to incentivize customers to buy with our Kick Off to Summer Sale! Get a free year supply of filters and a TDS meter with each distiller purchased!* Every Mini Classic CT comes with a FREE 4-pack of our hand-sewn filters […]

2018 Dealer/Distributor Holiday Sweepstakes Official Rules

We’ve got an exclusive sweepstakes contest for Pure Water dealers and distributors! For every distiller purchase you make before December 21, you’ll be entered to win in our Holiday Sweepstakes!* Every distiller earns you additional tickets: For every Steam Pure, you’ll get 1 ticket. For every Mini Classic, you’ll get 3 tickets. For every Midi […]

2018 Holiday Sweepstakes

You’ve worked hard all year – You deserve a break! We’re so grateful for our dealers and distributors! We want to say “Thanks” by giving you a special reward: 5% off all your orders between November 5 – December 21, 2018! To make your order, contact Paula at paula@pureandsecure.com or 1-800-875-5915 extension 111.   In addition […]


The Latest on Lead Contamination

It Started in Flint, Michigan Nearly everyone is familiar with the Flint Michigan Water Crisis where lead was being leached from old pipes into drinking water.  In 2014, in an effort to save money, the city of Flint switched from its original water provider to using water from the Flint River.  Shortly after that, many […]


Removing Nitrates from Drinking Water

Nitrates in water can cause blue blood syndrome and birth defects, as well as stomach and colon cancer.  Nitrates are mainly used in fertilizers for better crop production.  This can cause water quality issues especially for people who live in states that are heavily involved in farming such as Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, North […]

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Removing Fluoride from Drinking Water

Health Effects of Fluoride For a variety of health reasons, many people are looking for ways to remove fluoride from their drinking water or they are seeking out bottled water without fluoride.  While water fluoridation is a widespread water treatment practice in the United States, and a few other places, fluoride opponents, and many preventative […]

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Chlorine Removal with Distillation

Chlorine in drinking water is a big concern these days, which has prompted numerous people to look for ways to remove chlorine from tap water.  While chlorine is added to municipal water supplies as a disinfectant to kill disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, it also has a negative side.  Many people do […]