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chlorine in water

Chlorine Removal with Distillation

Chlorine in drinking water is a big concern these days, which has prompted numerous people to look for ways to remove chlorine from tap water.  While chlorine is added to municipal water supplies as a disinfectant to kill disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, it also has a negative side.  Many people do […]

What is a Boil Alert?

Boil Alerts for Safety Flooding or other natural disasters of any kind can affect water quality and often a boil alert will be put into place.  When a large event happens, like a hurricane that impacts a lot of people, the task of getting clean water can be even more challenging.  Each person must listen […]

nitrates in water

Nitrates and Nitrites

What is nitrate? Nitrates are nitrogen-oxygen chemical units or radicals, with the chemical formula NO3-. Nitrates can combine with various organic acids to form amino acids, or combine with inorganic units such as NH4+ to form a chemical compound called ammonium nitrate. This is a fertilizer which makes green plants grow faster, bigger and better. […]

Protozoa All Around Us

By Eldon C. Muehling Historically, the term protozoa were regarded as the counterpart or partner group of bacteria but the term is no longer used in modern taxonomy, according to Wikipedia and other sources. The term is still used informally in High School education today and for purposes of this article, I will describe protozoa […]

The Taste Causers

By Eldon Muehling Pure Water is defined as a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid. Water that is not pure may or may not have an objectionable color, odor or taste. Sight, odor and tastes are the three senses that laymen generally use to judge the purity or lack of purity of water. Because these senses […]

Fluoride (The Aging Factor)

By Eldon C. Muehling This month we turn our attention to fluoride. Fluoride is very much in the news again as more and more of the dangers of fluoride come to light. In this article we will discuss the top dangers of fluoride. From a historical perspective, I find it very interesting to note that the […]


By Eldon C. Muehling After hardness, iron is the most common water problem which homeowners that have well water will encounter. It is rarely a problem in surface water. Removing iron with a distiller is easy enough but unfortunately consumers find it difficult to remove iron to a satisfactory level for the rest of the […]