Why Sign Up for “Google My Business”?

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I just got back from a tech conference in San Jose, CA, and learned a lot about how Google is trying to help local businesses. For those of you with a storefront, you will want to take advantage of what Google has to offer, namely “Google My Business.” By filling out the information asked of you and registering your place of business, Google is able to match people’s searches to your product and services.  Please note, online only vendors do not have the option of using Google My Business.

Have you ever just grabbed your phone and clicked on the Google voice search button and said, “find Mexican restaurants near me”? Voice search and mobile use is growing significantly. Google knows that people are busy and are often looking for things “near me”. They are also searching for local businesses. As you know, there are times when you look online, but want to go buy that item today. So, Google wants local businesses to enter their information so that people who search “water store near me” or “water distillers” or other similar search terms can easily find what they are looking for.

So, put yourself into the your local consumers’ shoes for a moment. They would want to know your hours of business, your phone number, your website, your location and what products you carry. This is exactly the data that Google My Business asks for. So, take a few minutes to sign up for an account and make sure you keep it updated with any changes. https://www.google.com/business/

You will also want to be certain that your website clearly states what kinds of products and services you offer.  The more information you have on your website, the stronger your local reach will be.  In addition to that, your website needs to be easy to read on a mobile device (mostly phones), so that consumers can quickly understand more about you quickly, which will make them want to visit your store.

To learn the ins and outs of Google My Business feel free to read the following (it’s a short read): https://support.google.com/business/answer/3038063?hl=en

To show you how it looks to consumers, take a look at the screenshot below.  I have registered Pure & Secure for a variety of keywords so that when anyone in Lincoln searches for “water”, our site comes up first!  There are 4,330,000,000 pages listed on Google for “water” – yet we beat all of them because of our local listing! As you can see, Google My Business gives you a real advantage for local foot traffic.

Note: If you search “water” in your area, you will get a completely different list of local businesses.

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If you do use Google My Business, please share your experiences with us.  We want to hear about your success!

Author: Kim Arslan, Internet Marketing Manager

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