Manuals & Wiring Diagrams

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Mini CT with ShadowThe Mini Classic CT is a counter top distiller, perfect for 1-2 people, or for use in an RV, a summer home, even a small business. The Mini-Classic CT produces 3 liters of distilled water during per 3.5 hour cycle, and does not require installation.



The Midi Classic is an automatic family sized machine with a production of one gallon every 3 hours. It has a built-in 5 gallon stainless steel storage tank and offers an optional stainless steel stand and demand pump.



The Mega Classic is our top-of-the-line water distiller for families and many businesses. This fully automatic distiller produces one gallon of distilled water every 2 hours and features a 10 gallon storage tank, built-in-pump and automatic drain for low-maintenance. Install it in a remote location and add a water line to multiple faucets and icemakers. Handy for any home or small business. Stainless steel stand optional.


Other Distiller Manuals, wiring diagrams and ladder diagrams (when available):

Ultima Classic (2013): Ultima Classic Manual

Mega 25 (2010):  Mega 25 Manual   Mega 25 Wiring diagram

Steampure (2010):  Steampure Manual   Steampure Wiring diagram

Liberty Classic (2006):  Liberty Classic Manual   Liberty Classic Wiring diagram

Commercial C-630 (2001):  C-630 Manual

Mini Classic II (2001):  Mini Classic II Manual   Mini Classic II Wiring diagram

Fountain Classic (2000): Fountain Classic Manual   Fountain Classic Wiring diagram

WATT’R TWIN (1999): WATT’R TWIN Manual   WATT’R TWIN Wiring diagram

E-Still (1999): E-Still Manual

Mini Classic I (1998):  Mini Classic I Manual   Mini Classic I Wiring diagram

Integrate (1997): Integrate Manual   Integrate Wiring diagram   

Ultima 5555 (1995): Ultima 5555 Manual Pt. 1   Ultima 5555 Manual Pt. 2

Ultima 888 (1995): Ultima 888 Manual   Ultima 888 Wiring diagram

Aqua D 2000/2000s (1992): Aqua D 2000/2000s Manual   Aqua D 2000/2000s Wiring diagram

Midi D ECP (1992):  Midi D ECP Manual   Midi D ECP Wiring diagram

Aqua D 2000s (1991): Aqua D 2000s Manual   Aqua D 2000s Wiring diagram

Aqua D 2000 (1991): Aqua D 2000 Manual   Aqua D 2000 Wiring diagram

Midi D Auto (1991): Midi D Auto Manual Pt.1   Midi D Auto Manual Pt.2   Midi D Auto Wiring diagram

Midi D System (1990): Midi D System Manual   Midi D System Single Microswitch Wiring diagram   Midi D System Double Microswitch Wiring diagram

Demo Distiller (1990): Demo Distiller Manual   Demo Distiller Wiring diagram

Commercial C-520 (1989): C-520 Manual

Commercial C-60/75 (1988): C-60/75 Manual pre 2010   C-60/75 Manual Current

A-12 (1988): A-12 Manual   A-12 Wiring diagram

Aqua D Plus (1987): Aqua D Plus Manual   Aqua D Plus Wiring diagram

MD-4 (1987): Aqua Clean MD-4 Manual   Aqua Clean MD-4 Wiring diagram

C-50 (1986): C-50 Manual Pre 2010  C-50 Current Manual   C-50 Wiring diagram

Aqua D Mark II (1985):  Aqua D Mark II Manual   Aqua D Mark II Wiring diagram

Peanut (1985):  Aqua Clean Peanut Manual and Wiring diagram

Aqua Still D (1981): Aqua Still D Manual   Aqua Still D Wiring diagram

Midi Still-Midi Still D (1981): Midi Still-Midi Still D Manual   Midi Still-Midi Still D Wiring diagram

Aqua Clean 5 (1980):  Aqua Clean 5 Manual Pt. 1   Aqua Clean 5 Manual Pt. 2  Aqua Clean 5 Wiring diagram

Clean Water Machine (1980):  Clean Water Machine Manual   Clean Water Machine Wiring diagram

Survival Still (1980): Survival Still Manual

Midi SS-5D: SS-5D Manual Pt. 1 SS-5D Manual Pt. 2  SS-5D Wiring diagram

Midi SS-5: SS-5 Manual   SS-5 Wiring diagram

Midi SS-4D: SS-4D Manual   SS-4D Wiring diagram

Midi SS-4: SS-4 Manual   SS-4 Wiring diagram

Midi PWS: PWS Manual   PWS Wiring diagram

Midi A-1: A-1  Manual   A-1 Wiring diagram

Aqua M-6D: M-6D Manual Pt. 1 M-6D Manual Pt. 2   M-6D Wiring diagram

Aqua M-6: M-6 Manual   M-6 Wiring diagram

Aqua M-5D: M-5D Manual Pt. 1  M-5D Manual Pt. 2   M-5D Wiring diagram

Aqua M-5: M-5 Manual   M-5 Wiring diagram

Aqua C-1 (1974): C-1 Manual  C-1 Wiring diagram

Mini Aqua (1974): Mini Aqua Manual

Quench (1971): Quench Manual

Aqua Fountain (1970): Aqua Fountain Manual  Aqua Fountain Wiring Diagram