Our Valued Customers

Pure Water is proud to provide water distillation systems to a wide variety of clients including:

Department of State, US Embassies, Worldwide

US Coast Guard, Nationwide

US Army Reserve National Guard, Multiple Locations

USAID, Worldwide

US Air Force, Multiple locations

US Army, Multiple locations

US Dept of Agriculture, Multiple locations

US Dept of Military Affairs, Alaska

US Dept of Energy, Washington

US Border Patrol, California

US Postal Service, Multiple Locations

State of Illinois, Crime Lab

NY Highway State Patrol

Bergen County, NJ Justice Dept

Cornell University, New York

University of Nebraska, Water Sciences Department

Brigham Young University, Utah

University of Arkansas, Science Dept

Colorado State University, Water Research Center/Engineering

University of Akron, Ohio, Chemical Engineering Dept

Louisiana State University, Science Dept

University of Dallas, Texas

Campbells Soup, Texas

Fage USA Dairy Industry

Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

Dr. Peter Lodewick, Alabama

Dr. Alan Goldhamer, True North Clinic, California

Abbott Nutrition, Ohio

Jack LaLanne, Nutritional & Fitness Expert

GM Proving Grounds, Michigan

Toyota Proving Grounds, Arizona

Toys R Us, California

Lockheed, Martin, Multiple Locations