UN World Water Day March 22 2020

World Water Day is March 22, 2020

At Pure & Secure, LLC, our mission is to improve lives, and we do this by improving the quality of water for our customers around the world. We’ve seen the difference that pure water can make: Water is powerful!

That’s why this coming holiday is so important to us: March 22, 2020 is World Water Day. This year’s theme revolves around Water and Climate Change – and how they are linked.

It’s such a big theme! But let’s focus. The United Nations has three key messages for us this year:

World Water Day Message #1: Everyone has a role to play.

In our daily lives, there are surprisingly easy steps we can all take to address climate change. The main thing? Stop wasting water!

The UN suggests things like only taking a five minute shower, choosing a plant-based meal, and shopping sustainably.

But Pure Water and AquaNui distillers can also help save water while still providing crucial purification.

Did you know – As a rule of thumb, most household R.O. systems waste about 4 gallons of water for every gallon of water purified. Some R.O. systems claim zero waste because they pump the waste water back through to be used again, but then the membranes break down faster. (This creates another type of waste because you’ll need to replace the membrane more often.)

Home distillers, on the other hand, tend to waste very little water, if any at all.

World Water Day Message #2: Water can help fight climate change.

Just as water helps regulate the temperature of the human body, it also helps regulate the temperature of the Earth. The more water we save, the more we help fight climate change. Proper water management increases climate resilience, improves ecosystem health, and reduces the risk of water-related disasters.

One way we can promote proper water management is to use sustainable, affordable, and scalable water and sanitation solutions. Our water distillers are one of them.

Distilled water isn’t necessary for all water uses. But when it comes to drinking water, distillation is going to expand as a key player.

As of right now, 1 in 3 people – around 2.2 billion – live without safe drinking water. Aging infrastructure and increased water scarcity will increase this number.

However, Pure Water distillers and AquaNui water distillers give customers control of their water along with peace of mind for years to come.

World Water Day Message #3: We cannot afford to wait.

Your potential customers can start making a positive difference when they buy a water distiller today! The more we do today, the better the world tomorrow.

Is something holding them back? This is where you come in. You can help your customers overcome any reluctance or uncertainty.

Help Educate Customers

Educating potential and existing customers about the benefits of distilled water is a big part of our job. As World Water Day approaches, we’re counting on you to help spread the word.

Unsure how to get started with education-based marketing? Start by watching our training video:

You can also combat common misconceptions about Pure Water distillers with the tools Eldon Muehling presents in this video about “Overcoming Objections” and in his book “Pure Water For Better Living.”

Do you have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at info@mypurewater.com or call us at 1.402.467.9300!

World Water Day Resources

If you need a fast social media post tailored to Pure Water or AquaNui, download a pre-made post! Access our resources here.

Also, the UN’s team created a variety of videos and images for you to share on social media for World Water Day. Access their resources here.


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